Our Story

GrimmSpeed was founded in 2006 to provide customers with innovative and highly engineered aftermarket products. In short, we are a small group of highly dedicated car nuts who work in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our bread and butter started out anything Subaru. However, after growing our team and engineering we started developing products for: Mitsubishi, MazdaSpeed, and Hyundai markets. We are a true garage start-up and we've been lucky enough over the years to be able to turn it into exactly the business I had dreamed....probably a lot more actually. We have a wide breadth of expertise consisting of exhaust design, gaskets, pullies, phenolic spacers, porting and polishing(services that our company was actually founded on), boost controllers, and many more.

Most of our decisions at GrimmSpeed are based on 3 basic principles:

1. Innovation


Our engineers need to innovate before I green light a project. They know if they propose a project to me there has to be at least one new innovative feature. It may be a completely new idea or an innovation to a current product on the market(IE, using better materials, thicker flanges, thicker piping, etc). We truly love creating products that really work. This is the funnest part of the job without a doubt(those copy cat companies have to be boring places to work at).

2. Keeping Jobs in Minnesota


Lets face it, manufacturing in the US has been lost for a long time. Its sad because manufacturing is what this great country was founded on. Our goal is to do our part in bringing it back to the US. Lets show the rest of the world that we do still 'have it'. Almost all of our partners are right here in Minnesota(most of which are within an hour of us). We'd rather help keeps jobs here and make less profit than sending jobs overseas and making more. Its not always about the $ and we are here to prove that.

3. Customer Service You Deserve


What flies for customer service these days just continues to astonish us. I don't have to tell you guys, I'm sure you are all well aware of some of the BS customer service that goes on these days, especially in our industry. Our goals are to be honest with you, be there when you need us, and to keep our word. If something is going to be delayed, we aren't going to give you some BS date when it will be ready....we will tell you exactly the most current info we have. If you need help installing our products(even after our written install guides and install videos), we will be there on the phone/email/instant message ready to help until you have figured out the issue. Last but not least, we will keep our word. This seems like common sense but these days its just not. Plain and simple, if we say we are going to do something, we will. If we say we are going to call you back, we actually will. Novel idea we know