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GrimmSpeed Super-Loop Header

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Product Description

More loops. More POWER.

  • Made of fine Scandinavian materials - Exotic materials for exotic noises
  • Innovative Triple Loop Design
  • Massive 1in thick flanges - These flanges are way to thick and super heavy, like a boss
  • Features 13 EGT bungs - Three in each primary plus a bonus bung to rattle around inside
  • OVER 15ft of tubing - Record breaking length

An exhaust manifold, or header, is one of the best modifications you can do to your BRZ/FR-S/GT86 to reshape the powerband. The GSSLH (GrimmSpeed Super-Loop Header) accentuates the problematic "torque valley" at 3000rpm, in order to magnify the huge increase in top end power even further. We've completely changed the game when it comes down to putting power to your rear wheels. Our patent pending triple loop technology is guaranteed to redefine your driving experience with substantially increased torque and horsepower where it really counts - well past 9500rpm.



We start the design process by creating 3D scans of the engine, engine bay, crossmember, our faces and any associated components by utlizing our TAROT arm and CAD software. This has allowed us to successfully package the longest tube design of any header available. This extremely long tube design is the key to producing the largest torque dip of any aftermarket unit without sacrificing the impressive top end power that is made possible by our patent pending, radially optimized, triple loop technology. This design works because the exhaust gas is forced to accelerate around the outside radius of the loops, which increases the momentum of the gas before it enters the collector. This increased momentum, when coupled with the special 74.8 degree high angle merge collector, creates a vortex effect that nearly quadruples the scavanging effect of the header, resulting in a substantial increase in top end power production.



When designing a header it is all too easy to make poor choices in material selection, especially on a horizontally opposed engine. The first thing you'll notice is the one inch thick, fully CNC machined flanges. These babies are almost as functional as they are gorgeous. These are made of the finest CMSX-4 superalloy available. This material is inherently superior in every possible application, based on it's astronomical cost and fancy name. The next thing you may notice is the paper-thin, 35ga aluminum tubing. Not only does this tubing choice make welding nearly impossible, but it also helps facilitate the thermal expansion between the exhaust ports on either side of the motor. Most importantly is that at operating temperatures, the primaries and secondaries will inflate for infinitely variable header geometry to magnify gains and losses.



Boom. Bonding our CSMX-4 flanges with the 35ga aluminum tubing is a job that we've left to only the most talented hobbiest scale model builders. A 6.7:1 ratio of super glue to baking soda makes a fast and effective bond, designed to hold up under the most demanding conditions, but blow apart should you hit something, bearing the brunt of the impact and saving your motor from total desctruction. A similar compound, but with higher baking soda content, will be provided and is to be used in place of any other inferior gasket material.


  • 2013+ BRZ/FR-S*
  • 2002+ WRX/STI/LGT/FXT*

*Each of these headers has a unique personality and we can't achieve that without two talented welders freehanding each and every one. You will almost certainly need to modify your header for anything close to a proper fit.

Product Reviews

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Product Reviews

  1. Poor craftsmanship

    Posted by Pat Mansfield

    Will not allow my skid plate to be mounted. And I am pretty sure I have a cel because of this.

  2. Super-dee-duper!!!!!!!!! Header A+++++++

    Posted by Randy Lahey

    WOW! The boys at GrimmSpeed really outdid themselves this time! The exhaust note is superb, this header really brings out the Norwegian accent of the boxer engine. The 1 inch flanges fit great with the OEM hardware and I have noticed a dramatic change in the underhood temps due to their ability to draw heat away from the heads. I have been able to dial in each cylinder perfectly, thanks to 3 egt probes in each primary the 12th probe help eliminate a boost spike, I was seeing with my old header, by jamming up the turbine and preventing the turbo from over boosting. No gasket, no leaks. After just 15 miles of driving and 5 min on the dyno I have yet to experience an exhaust leak! I would recommend this to anyone looking to outrun Bugatti's, Zonda's and the occasional Tesla in their BRZ