License Plate Relocation Kit - Dodge Dart

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Improve style and Increase Flow!

GrimmSpeed™ Mini Cooper License Plate Relocation Kit

  • Most adjustability available on the market!

  • Mounts in OEM tow hook location
    (No cutting or drilling required)

  • Simple stainless steel allen key hardware

  • Will not block flow to your FMIC and can be adjusted to not block fog lights
    (Adjustments available for maximum air flow)

  • Indestructible Black Zinc coated 12L14 shaft
    (This will not bind and break off in your tow hook hole like cheap aluminum kits)

License plates are a necessary evil on the front of our cars, but you can save your front bumper from looking boring or blocking flow to your FMIC with the GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation Kit. Utilizing our unique Infinite-Adjust design allows for virtually any mounting position and angular adjustment so you can mount it where you want it! Our simple design mounts in the OEM tow hook location for maximum support while providing you with the largest range of adjustment available on the market. With laser cut and powder coated 5052 Aluminum, this bracket will hold your plate confidently in place while looking sharp and light. Each tow hook adapter is custom designed and CNC machined from 12L14 and then treated with black zinc for an indestructible and perfect fit.

Re-defining style, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™

2013 Dodge Dart (models with threaded provision for a front tow hook only, please check your vehicle before order)

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1 Review

Stan 17th Jul 2015


Did not expect what I got from these folks at Grimmspeed! Previously stationed at Nevada, I enjoyed not having to put front plates on my car until i had to move up here in Alaska. Drilling holes on the nice, shiny fascia on my Dart was just not an option. So I had to look for a quick alternative before I get pulled over. I read that article about front plate solutions and started shopping around. I came across Grimmspeed, put the kit in the cart but didn't finish the purchase. Minutes later, I get an e-mail saying "hey! come back, we'll give ya a discount for being cool!". Well I wasn't gonna argue with that. So I buy this thing, couple days later I get my package. So on to the review... not only did this bracket come with all the required screws, but they even hooked me up with their licence plate borders and their sticker! I go put this thing on the car, and its got some heft to it. They don't give you skinny itty bitty hardware, they give you the good stuff. The bracket mounted very good. Plenty of adjustment and very sturdy whatever position you desire. Overall, its RIDICULOUS that I actually like having plates in the front now thanks to these guys! I will definitely shop around for whatever these folks have to offer because they definitely don't skimp out. Do NOT put holes on your front bumper, buy Grimmspeed, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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