Radiator Shroud w/ Tool Tray - Subaru 02-07 Impreza/WRX/STi

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3 problems. 1 clever solution.

GrimmSpeed™ Mini Cooper License Plate Relocation Kit

  • Innovative Integrated Tool Tray!
  • Keeps Radiator Running Cooler
    (directs air through radiator)
  • Built In Radiator Stays
    (much cleaner look than competing products)

  • Heavy Duty DuPont™ Powder Coat
    (repeatedly toss tools in tray and no scratching)
  • Hood Prop Holder
    (nice clean approach to holding the hood prop)

How many times have you lost a wrench or socket in your engine bay? Yeah, that's what I thought, too many to count. Finally after all of these years of losing tools, GrimmSpeed has come to the rescue. Introducing our Radiator Shroud w/ Integrated Tool Tray for Subaru vehicles. Another common issue that we are fixing is that in stock form, because of the way the front of the Subaru is designed, there is incoming air that doesn't actually pass through the radiator because of some large gaps in sealing at the top. Our shroud forces this air back through the radiator which in turn keeps the radiator cooler.  Thirdly, we snuck in yet another cool little feature that you won't find on other radiator shrouds; we have incorporated the radiator stays into our shroud. Yep, you can now ditch those OEM stays and transition over to our super clean approach to using the shroud as the radiator stay.  Wrap all of this up in some Heavy Duty DuPont™ Wrinkle Powder Coat and you have yourself a sexy little innovative package.

"This is another great example of not green lighting a project until our Engineering Team can find a way to innovate. The Shroud project was in our project queue for over a year before I gave the go ahead...why?...because we needed to find a way to bring new solutions to our customers instead of just releasing a product for the sake of just releasing a product" - Justin Grimm

Promising to deliver, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™


  • Subaru Impreza 02-07
  • Subaru WRX 02-07
  • Subaru STI 02-07
  • Subaru Impreza 08+
  • Subaru WRX 08+
  • Subaru STI 08+


3 Reviews

18th Jul 2016


Cleans up the bay a bit. Looks very nice.

Kentrik 10th Jun 2016

Dat shine doe!

So, I had some crappy no-name radiator plate in my WRX when I bought it. As I started slowly upgrading to GrimmSpeed goodies, I kept hearing these strange noises. The more I switched out, the more I heard it. Turns out, it was an angelic chorus, letting me know that my car was becoming more and more exulted. Seriously, though, this shroud is fantastic. The stainless is bright without being blinding. I had to remove the protective adhesive from the post-laser process when I got it, and felt bad for getting fingerprints on it. Install was a breeze, and since this replaces your heavy stock radiator mounts, it even saves some front end weight! One thing to keep in mind, though - the mounting bolts are oval-cut, to adjust for fitment. With some WRX's (mine for instance), you'll want to pull it as far forward as possible. I didn't at first, and kept hearing this weird noise, like a grinding that would slow down after I turn the car off - the radiator fan was clipping against the upper radiator hose. Good thing it is the stock one, and still had the protective cover in place, otherwise it might have cut through. I pulled the whole assembly forward and tightened down the bolts....no further issues. Also, the tool tray is what really sets this apart from other shrouds. I swear, GrimmSpeed thinks of everything!

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