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GrimmSpeed Sponsorship Opportunities


Some exciting new sponsorship changes have been made for the new automotive season! After a lot of deliberation we have decided to shy away from traditional sponsorships and focus more on the grassroots of the automotive lifestyle. In that light, we have created two unique and exciting sponsorship programs: The Contingency and Bounty.

The GrimmSpeed Contingency Sponsorship Program remains in place from last season and is expanding to allow for major bonuses for drivers that are competing in larger/national events. If you compete in sanctioned racing events during the year and want to earn GrimmSpeed money for placing, then this is the program for you. If you would like to express interest in The Contingency Program shoot us an email to get more information!

In addition to the Contingency Sponsorship Program, we've launched the all-new GrimmSpeed Bounty Program. The Bounty Program is available to everybody from amateur enthusiasts to professional racers, and one does not have to participate in sanctioned racing events in order to win their share of awesome prizes! Based on a series of updating challenges, participants can earn money toward GrimmSpeed parts and services by completing wacky and insane acts of daring. Follow the link to get a taste of current challenges and past winners. More information on the Bounty Program and registration can be found at the following:

General Sponsorship Information: sponsor@grimmspeed.com

Bounty Program Website: http://bounty.grimmspeed.com/

Bounty Program Registration: http://www.grimmspeed.com/bounty-hunter-registration/

We look forward to hearing from you, working with you and watching you succeed!