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Top Mount Intercooler Splitter - Subaru 02-07 WRX/STI

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Product Description

OEM Splitter choking your TMIC? Fix that.

Tired of popping your hood only to have that ugly OEM Splitter remind you of how badly it deprives your fancy TMIC of the cool, ambient air that it requires? Perhaps you’ve upgraded to an STI scoop and want to really make use of that extra air? Maybe you’ve already got an STI splitter but want to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your top mount. After frustrations with this and more, the GrimmSpeed team has the real solution. Well, five real solutions. Introducing, the GrimmSpeed TMIC Splitter lineup.

Quick Specs

  • 70% Increase in flow capacity to your TMIC - Massively improves your TMIC's ability to remove heat
  • Maximizes TMIC Efficiency - Lowers TMIC outlet temps, enables more aggressive tuning
  • Designed for even flow distribution - Forces entire core work to cool the hot charge air
  • CAD design and simulation - Ensures both fitment and function
  • CNC Laser Cut 5052 Aluminum - Resists fatigue due to heat and vibration
  • Durable DuPont Black Powdercoat - Protects splitter with an OEM finish
  • Custom EPDM Rubber Gasket - Provides excellent seal and longevity
  • 3x Intercooler Sprayer Ports - Utilize your STI TMIC sprayer or add one if you'd like

Our cars, with even mild modification, create some serious heat. As the turbo compresses your intake air, it heats up and it’s not unusual to see air temperatures of over 400è_F entering your intercooler. For that reason, you’ve probably upgraded to a larger, more capable top mount. That intercooler uses ambient air flowing over your hood and through your scoop to cool the hot compressed air and if you’re still using the OEM WRX size splitter, you’re not getting the most out of your TMIC. The GrimmSpeed line of splitters increases the size of the opening by 70% to your larger TMIC. STI or aftermarket TMICs can increase your internal core volume by as much as 200% and you’re going to need every bit of that additional ambient air to keep things cool.

grimmspeed top mount intercooler tmic splitter


Each of these splitters has been designed to make the best possible use of the air entering your scoop and we offer a fitment for every 02-07 Impreza with a WRX or STI scoop. We’ve opened up the bottom of the splitter to better fit your STI or big aftermarket TMIC and we’ve redesigned the vanes that direct air from your scoop down to your intercooler. In addition, we’ve added features for up to three intercooler water sprayers to each splitter. Each splitter was designed in CAD and tested via flow simulation prior to production. Extra air diversion vanes were added to the splitters where there was space. Where there wasn’t space (due to a smaller scoop), vanes were re-designed to more evenly distribute airflow.

grimmspeed top mount intercooler tmic splitter flow analysis hood scoop

You’ll also find that the GrimmSpeed splitters are very lightweight. We’ve tested some of ‘the other guys’ splitters and have found that they’ve chosen stainless steel instead of aluminum. The reason for this is likely as a band-aid, to ensure stiffness so that the splitter holds its shape. Instead of selecting a stiffer material, we’ve stiffened the design, which has allowed us to use 20 gauge 5052 aluminum and drop the weight of these splitters by 300% over the competition. Instead of welding the assemblies, we’ve opted to use flathead rivets. These offer the same mechanical joint but without stressing the material and because of that, you don’t have to worry about breaking welds or your splitter cracking. With each splitter, we’ll be including a length of a custom designed extrusion gasket, made from the same EPDM rubber as the OEM gasket, but better suited to fit our splitter. Pre-punched for split-shank rivets and molded with a 15è_ flare, you can be sure that you’ll get a great seal with no worries of failing adhesive or brittle rubber.


  • 02-03 Impreza w/WRX Scoop
  • 02-03 Impreza w/STI Scoop
  • 04-05 Impreza w/WRX Scoop
  • 04-05 Impreza w/STI Scoop
  • 06-07 Impreza WRX/STI Scoop
  • 04-05 Saab 9-2x Turbo

Install Guide

This installation guide is currently being updated to reflect some small design changes. You'll notice that some kits will ship with a bulb style gasket. For these kits, start applying the gasket in the center of one of the four flanges and work your way around. The gasket will flex enough to follow around the bends. As you approach the end, you'll notice that you have a few extra inches of gasket depending on how tightly you've stretched it. Trim it to length at this time. If you'd like, you can make relief cuts in the bulb on the corners. A more detailed installation guide will be posted shortly. Please feel free to be in touch with questions.

Subaru Top Mount Intercooler Splitter Install InstructionsPDF Document Icon

Product Reviews

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Product Reviews

  1. excellent fit and finish

    Posted by Unknown

    First I would like to say that this thing was packaged great. And the fit and finish is top notch. Install took all of about 10 minutes. I'm also seeing about a 10-15 degree difference in IATs on my Accessport. Thank you Grimmspeed for the great product!

  2. Aero Fitment

    Posted by iforc

    Splitter doesn't fit my hood perfectly flush which for Grimmspeed standards it should. Instructions weren't helpful. Looks good though. I can't honestly tell if it had made an improvement.

    STAFF NOTE: Please consult with our customer service team if you feel that there's a fitment issue with your splitter. They are all CNC laser cut and fitment should be correct each and every time.

  3. perfect fit

    Posted by Unknown

    Perfect fit for 2006 WRX TR... Easy install, different style seal to intercooler than the stock. thought I'd have to reuse the rivets but it's all built in! Thanks GS!

  4. Fits great!

    Posted by Dave

    Installed on my 02 wrx and although not every bolt hole lined up (which I'm sure is probably just my old hood) I did get 6 in out of 8 so not bad it's not going anywhere. The seal it creates is perfect, even for my Mishimoto top mount intercooler and with the 8mm phenolic spacers it still doesn't get in the way of closing my hood at all. I previously had the stock splitter which had to bent up out of the way to not make contact with my intercooler and no rubber seal but now I know everything that enters my scoop passes through my intercooler I think I may have to get some sort of mesh protection to keep debris from damaging my intercooler.

  5. Saab 9-2x fitment

    Posted by Jeff M

    I ordered this splitter with the help of Art and others for my 06 Saab 9-2x and fitment was perfect. It was a direct bolt on and go. Don't waste your time with trying to trim other splitters. Buy this one from Grimspeed and be done with it. You will not be disappointed. Also, you guys have excellent customer service. Keep it up guys.

  6. just what it say it is

    Posted by Adam Trepanier

    Product fits perfectly and feels sturdy. Just wish the sti scoop I bought was as good and not so generic.

  7. Fits my '06 WRX

    Posted by Unknown

    I've got an '06 WRX with an APS top mount intercooler. I was able to get this splitter to fit right by bending the seal flanges and creatively trimming the included seals. The car now seems to have much better throttle response (aka get up and go) when it's moving. I'm pretty happy I bought this!