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  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • Flow Bench Test Results - GrimmSpeed vs. OEM Cat'd vs. OEM Catless
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
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  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Up Pipe Flow Bench Test Results
  • OEM Catt'ed Up Pipe Flow Bench Test Results
  • OEM Catless Up Pipe Flow Bench Test Results
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
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Product Description


Adding an aftermarket Up Pipe is one of the first things you should do to your Subaru. Arguably one of the best $/HP ratios. Our goal was to make a premium heavy duty Up Pipe for you.


We designed this Up Pipe using our in-house FARO Arm along with the latest and greatest Solidworks CAD software. This assures that we can offer you the most precise and best fitting Up Pipe on the market. In short, OEM exhaust manifold pieces are inconsisent so we used our reverse engineering hardware/software to scan countless OEM pieces to determine the range of best fitments for our aftermarket pipe. This allows us to be very confident that your flanges will be leak free and the Up Pipe will fit nicely.


Our Up Pipe has been made with beefy local raw materials. The flex joint is 321 Stainless Steel w/ an Interlocking Liner and tubing is a heavy duty 14 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel(competitors use thinner 16 GA) that has been CNC Mandrel Bent and finished up with a nice brushed finish. Our flanges are made out of 1/2" 304 Stainless Steel and are fully machined on all sides(competitors typically just laser cut flanges for cost reductions). We also put a nice bevel on the edge of the flange so you don't cut yourself. You're welcome. The insides of our flanges are "cut-back" to allow the pipe to rest inside the flange which gives you a nice flush mating surface thus allowing optimal flow through the pipe. Heck, we started as a Porting company afterall....we take pride in exhaust flow quality through our pipes.  All fabrication is completed by our Welder/Fabricator who is certified in Aerospace Welding...yeah, he knows his stuff. A bit of overkill using an Aerospace Welder you say? Well the Up Pipe is put through some very harsh environments so we wanted the best for the job. 


Flow Bench Results vs. OEM at 28" WC
OEM Catless - 244.6 CFM
OEM Catted - 164.7 CFM
GrimmSpeed - 292.6 CFM

Spool Up 
Application specific but generally you will see 300-400rpm quicker spool up

HP Increase 
Application specific but generally you will see 8-10HP increase

Quick Specs

  • Gaskets Included - Heavy Duty GrimmSpeed Gaskets
  • Flex Joint - 321 Stainless Steel "Tuned-Bellow"
  • Tubing Thickness- 14 Gauge Piping Thickness - 33% thicker than most competitors
  • Pipe to Flange Connection - Cut-Back flange allows much smoother connection. Piping is ported flush with flange so there is no step into the pipe.
  • Flanges - 1/2" 304 Stainless Steel CNC Milled - All 3 sides are milled for precise tolerances in manufacturing
  • Optional ceramic coating
  • Increased HP by ~10hp
  • Reduce turbo lag

Continually striving for perfection, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™


Product Videos

GrimmSpeed Up Pipe Install (09:58)
Adding an aftermarket Up Pipe is one of the first things you should do to your Subaru. Arguably one of the best $/HP ratios. Our goal was to make a premium heavy duty Up Pipe for our customers! The entire Up-Pipe is made of 304 SS(flanges, flex, tubing) and has a pipe-wall thickness of 14 Gauge, this is the most "heavy-duty" pipe you will find. Many other pipes use cheap thin steel and are marketed as "super light weight", not us. The inlet size is 1.92" and the pipe tapers down to 1.72" which acts as a funnel as it moves into the turbo allowing for the smoothest transition and best air-flow quality. The one of a kind Triple Layer Flex Joint is not located in the bend, which adds to the life expectancy of the flex section. Our outlet size is a perfect match to the most common stock location turbos allowing for a smooth transition into the turbo.Since we are a porting company we make sure to have the smoothest transitions between pipes to allow for maximum flow and quickest spoolup(we call this "quality airflow"). Flow Bench Results vs. OEMOEM Catless - 244.6 CFMOEM Catted - 164.7 CFMGrimmSpeed - 292.6 CFM Check it out Here: http://www.grimmspeed.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=60_33_34_37&products_id=79
  • GrimmSpeed Up ...
    Adding an aftermarket Up Pipe is one of the first things you s...

Product Reviews

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Product Reviews

  1. 3 Bolt Uppipe

    Posted by Elliott Sula

    Quality of the build is amazing, this is the second I have purchased (I have 2 Subaru). Badging, welds and finish is all top notch, have no complaints in anyway.
    you customer service is also fantastic. Much appreciated!

  2. awesome

    Posted by Sean

    I thought the invidia up pipe
    I put on my 05 legacy gt 40k ago was good. The minimal flange and the weld flange to pipe were insufficient. Had I seen this pipe next to the invidia I would have bought this one then. The flex, much bigger flange and clearly better welding makes this pipe 10 times better than invidia. Thanks GrimmSpeed I'll be looking at your parts first from now on!

  3. Beautiful

    Posted by Cory

    2004 WRX

    This Up-Pipe is absolutly beautiful!! 5 out of 5! The turbo spools up so much faster, a little bit louder when followed with a turbo back system. I strongly recomend taking the turbo out and doing the install from the top and changing the Up-Pipe from there instead of removing the Exhaust Manifolds sense you have to remove the 5 bolts holding the turbo on, you might aswell save the trouble of taking the Exhaust Manifolds out. Once the Turbo is removed, simply undo the bolts on the bottom of the stock Up-Pipe, take the Up-Pipe out from the top and put the Grimmspeed one in. Installation took about 4 hours and a few beers.

  4. very super great

    Posted by Unknown

    Grimmspeed nailed it on the head with this wicked up pipe!

  5. exactly what I hoped it would be

    Posted by Rob

    Grimmspeed nailed it. This up pipe looked amazing when I took it out of the box. Then after following their youtube video (you want to do all the little tips they tell you!) it made my car drive amazing too!

  6. Very Well Made Item

    Posted by Steve

    I installed this on my 1994 WRX Sti ej20g motor and it fit perfectly...the design and finish of the part are superior to the original and the included gaskets are substantially thicker as well. Grimmspeed definitely does a great job with their products and craftsmanship. I got the option for ceramic coating and it was worth every penny in my opinion.

  7. Perfect Fit!

    Posted by Brad

    First off, the package came very well padded on the inside - the part arrived with the ceramic coating flawless.

    Next, the installation - everyone talks about how horrible it is to do the installation of an up pipe. It wasn't bad, it would've been about 4.5 hours if the rear downpipe bolt hadn't been horribly siezed in the mount, requiring some creativity to get loose. I did pull the passenger side manifold and the crossover tube at that side, and then jacked up the motor slightly, and the OE up pipe came out easily. Installation was really straightforward - the only note is that the new manifold to up-pipe bolts have a 17mm head on them, and the nut on the other side is only 14mm. When you install the upper bolt that passes near the front O2 sensor, make sure you put the head of the bolt AWAY from the O2 sensor or you won't be able to get the sensor installed!

    Aside from that, fitment was great, the studs and nuts are high quality, and I'm looking forward to the slightly quicker spool!

  8. great uppipe

    Posted by Unknown

    Awesome up pipe looks great ! Welds look good . Flanges look great