Alternator Cover - Subaru 05-09 LGT/04-13 FXT/02-14 WRX/04-21 STI

OEM Support Bracket *

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It appears that you’re not the only one with excellent taste in premium automotive components! Unfortunately, both the red and black versions are temporarily out of stock, however should become available soon. You can still place your order and be put in a queue; the item will be shipped ASAP. Please contact our customer service via email or phone (612-379-0000) with questions, or check for availability with our retailers, thanks!


Tired of being teased for your corroded alternator and boring engine bay? Step your Alternator Cover game up; GrimmSpeed has just what you need. This cover mounts securely in place of your plastic factory cover and its asymmetric design is intended to compliment the GrimmSpeed Tool Tray Radiator Shroud perfectly. Available in either red, black or neon green textured powder coat to match the rest of your GrimmSpeed engine bay parts!

Quick Specs

  • Laser Cut Venting - provides plenty of cooling for your alternator
  • Machined Aluminum Mounts - anodized black for a sleek look and corrosion resistance
  • Heavy Duty DuPont Powdercoat - ensures a durable finish and resists discoloration
  • Slotted Mounting Features - flexability for tweaked factory brackets
  • Drive-by-Cable Dimples - hidden on the bottom face, dimples locate holes for cable mounts where needed


Once again utilizing our in-house FARO Arm along with 3D CAD software, we were able to map the location of not only the mounting points, but also the smaller, critical components in different model years. A belt cover designed without these in mind can wear through hoses or wiring and worse yet, may contact your accessory belts or pulley, causing serious damage. What this means for you is that the best fitting Alternator Cover on the market is here at last. It’s what you can expect from GrimmSpeed, and it’s what you’ll get with this kit. 

GrimmSpeed Alternator Cover - FARO Arm 

Our Alternator Cover is precision laser cut from locally-sourced material and the drive-by-cable dimples are punched before its CNC bent for a perfect fit. Aluminum covers receive a durable DuPont powdercoat in a textured red, black or neon green. Mounting of the cover is facilitated by machined aluminum supports. Following the machining process, these supports are black anodized for a clean look and corrosion resistance. This is particularly important in an environment like your engine bay. Stainless Steel hardware finishes the look and keeps everything planted firmly. 

GrimmSpeed Subaru Alternator Cover - Formed Tool Tray

Subaru WRX 02-14, STI 04-21 
Subaru Legacy GT 05-09 (*OEM Impreza bracket required)
Subaru Outback XT 05-09 (*OEM Impreza bracket required)
Subaru Forester XT 04-13 (*OEM Impreza bracket required)
Saab 9-2x Aero 05-06

*OEM Impreza bracket part number 23791AA002 (Stay - CVR P/S Belt) is required for proper installation. Please be sure to add this item as an option to your order if you prefer not to source the bracket yourself.


16 Reviews

Garret Wiley 30th Sep 2021

Aesthetically Pleasing Alternator cover

With a larger surface area. This manages to do the one thing the factory Alternator cover can’t do. Cover the alternator. I highly recommend you set the top of a shoe box lid under the area if you can fold one in. The only issue you will have with this install is if you drop one of the washers. Which I did. Twice. Had I read the directions verbatim this would have been around a 10 minute job. But I was bored and a I’m a sucker for punishment. Anyways. The cover looks good. I think I’m going to run a red and black theme. Thanks Grimmspeed!!

Skyy 6th May 2021

05 FXT install / review

As expected from Grimmspeed a very high-quality product at a good price. The cover arrived quickly and with everything needed in a nicely packaged box. I did order the oem hardware kit a $15 add-on as mine was missing. Installation was quite a PITA I will say as getting the washer and nut on the bottom was quite a nightmare had to remove the alternator to fetch the washer I dropped. Just make sure to put a microfiber or small towel underneath that bracket to catch the nut and washer if you drop it( I did not the first attempt). But now that it is on it looks great and covers up my aging AC condenser and power steering pump.

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