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The Pulley Tool to put all other tools to rest!

GrimmSpeed Subaru Lightweight Crank Pulley

  • Fits all Impreza/WRX/STi 1993-2011, Legacy 1994-2009, Forester 1998-2009
  • First of its kind tool that works with the 2 OEM Pulleys and GS Aftermarket Pulley
  • Includes Plastic Washers (Won't Damage Surface)
  • Uses large 1/2" Socket Wrench

The long awaited answer to the antique Subaru pulley removal tool, bolts stuck through boards, and random screws welded to bars. Our tool was engineered with full compatibility in mind being able to work with our Lightweight Crank Pulley as well as BOTH styles of Subaru crank pulleys. It is the must have for any hardcore Subaru enthusiast or mechanic and will come with everything you need to do thousands of installs! Heavy duty is the name of the game, laser cut from a 9.5mm plate of 12L14 and yellow zinc chromate coated for longevity. We even incorporated a 1/2" socket wrench location so that you can put all might into it!

The right tools to get the job done, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™


12 Reviews

gary johnson 3rd May 2020

Pulley tool

Great tool!! Works perfect!!! YouTube video shows complete instructions. The first time I pulled a crank pulley without this tool, I busted up my thumb so bad, I lost a finger nail. This is a must have. Way over engineered and will last a lifetime!!!

Jeremy T. 8th Oct 2019

This tool is what you need to do it right

Removing and reinstalling crank pulleys can be a pain in the butt so that's why I ponied up the cash to buy this tool. Worth every penny as it made the job easy.

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