External Wastegate Up Pipe w/ Dump Tube 44/45mm V-Band WRX/STI/LGT/FXT

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3 Port Boost Control Solenoid
Internal Wastegate Bracket
Turbosmart External Wastegate

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Are you ready for fast spool-up and increased top-end power??

An External Wastegate (EWG) allows exhaust gases to be diverted prior to

entering the turbo; creating quicker turbo spool. The GrimmSpeed™ EWG has a larger diameter than a stock internal wastegate; this allows the exhaust gas to be released faster, which improves boost control, maintains maximum boost longer in the rpm range. All of these together will give you a 10-40 HP INCREASE. Moving the wastegate out of the turbo relieves the turbo from the massive amounts of turbulence that the stock internal wastegate creates.

The entire EWG Up-Pipe is made of 304 SS(flanges, flex, tubing) and has a pipe-wall thickness of 14 Gauge, this is the most "heavy-duty" pipe you will find. Many other pipes use cheap thin steel and are marketed as "super light weight", not us. The inlet size is 1.92" and the pipe tapers down to 1.72” which acts as a funnel as it moves into the turbo allowing for the smoothest transition and best air-flow quality. The one of a kind Triple Layer Flex Joint is not located in the bend, which adds to the life expectancy of the flex section. Our outlet size is a perfect match to the most common stock location turbos allowing for a smooth transition into the turbo.
Also available with the EWG Up-Pipe package, a bracket to hold the stock internal wastegate shut. This bracket is helpful because the turbo door does not need to be welded shut, decreasing the chance for leaks and allowing for easy removal if necessary. Availabe for many popular turbos, check the box below if you would like to add one to your order.

Note: The wastegate in the picture is not included.

The GrimmSpeed™ EWG Up-Pipe Kit fits more downpipes than any other EWG Up-Pipe on the market.

Quick Facts:

  • TRIPLE LAYER Quality Flex Joint - Gives you extra durability compared to competitors single and double layer flex joints.
  • Flow through Flex - There are no big steps in the flow path of our flex joint. Our flex is not located on a bend so there is very minimal flow loss(if any) through the flex.
  • Curved EWG Side Outlet - Our ewg up pipes come with an angled side outlet which allows us to obtain optimal flow to the external wastegate.
  • 2.0mm Piping Thickness - almost all pipes on the market use a 1.5mm thick piping wall, not us. We use a 2mm thick piping wall(33% thicker than all of our competition!)
  • Pipe to Flange Connection - Much smoother connection. Tubes are recessed into flanges for smooth flow.
  • Massive 304SS flanges
  • 10+whp gain
  • Minimal internal steps for maximum flow
  • Complete stainless steel construction(pipe, flex section, flanges)
  • Optional ceramic coating
  • Flex joint that is NOT located in the bend which adds life expectancy to the flex section. many other up pipes have a flex right in a sharp bend so all the exhaust/turbulence is hitting up against it.
  • Reduce turbo lag

For more information about EWGs:

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GrimmSpeed is now exclusively offering TURBOSMART products! The Hypergate 45mm Wastegate fits the 44mm flange on our up pipe.


5 Reviews

derek 12th Jan 2017


Order from another site but thought I'd write a review on here. Awesome product had mine ceramic coated and it's beautiful too bad you can't see it. Easy to install the pipe. Getting the WG and dump tube on is very tricky and requires a lot of patience. Crazy fast spool up with vf20g very pleased!

tallterror 15th Nov 2013

Grimmspeed 44mm EWG = OMFGBBQ

"Grimmspeed 44mm EWG = OMFGBBQ = lots of terrified unsuspecting onlookers. spool up is absolutely ridiculous with their EBCS and EWG. td04 + EWG FTW!"

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