GrimmSpeed 19-21 FA Lightweight Crank Pulley Hub

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We've done it: 19-21 WRX Owners can now run popular GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulleys!

Quick Specs

  • Machined from A311 Steel Alloy

  • Laser Etched GrimmSpeed Logo

  • Zinc Plated to Prevent Corrosion

  • Includes High Quality Buna-N O-RING 


While the 2015-18 Subaru WRX utilizes a standard crank pulley design, which can easily be switched out with the current GrimmSpeed FA Lightweight Pulley, the 2019-21 WRX is a different story. The OEM pulley design for the newer version incorporates a rear hub into the pulley itself, which gives you very limited options when looking to upgrade to an aftermarket pulley. Our Engineers saw this as an opportunity for a plug-and-play solution and got to work. This new GrimmSpeed FA Lightweight Crank Pulley Hub allows 19-21 WRX owners with the heavy OEM one-piece crank pulley/hub assembly to use our popular lightweight crank pulleys. Machined from A311 Steel Alloy and zinc-plated, this beautiful, extremely durable hub will ensure that the oil pump and crank pulley are driven without danger of leaks or failure. Coupled with our LW Crank Pulley, this will take significant weight off the rotating assembly of your FA engine, allowing it to rev more freely. 19-21 WRX Owners can now be among the tens of thousands using a GrimmSpeed-brand Crank Pulley!


  • 19-21 Subaru WRX

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2 Reviews

Josh keown 5th Oct 2022

Perfect match to the Fluidampr harmonic balancer

I recently purchased this hub to use in combination with the Fluidampr harmonic balancer which from what I can tell I’m probably the first to do it and review it for a 19-21WRX. I can say they mate together perfectly, just like it would using a regular lightweight crank pulley. However I have an IAG stage 2 block which is forged and internally balanced and you are unable to use lightweight crank pulleys with that engine, so this worked out perfect for me, the car runs great and performs perfect. Great part to use with the Fluidampr on your 19-21 WRX

Josh keown 22nd Sep 2022

Perfect match

I was able to use this pulley hub with the fluidampr for my 2019 WRX and it works perfectly!

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