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Hardcore heat cycles or repetitive removal can over time wear on the O-rings in the AOS. Maybe you like the peace of mind or have a show car you always want in perfect condition, this rebuild kit will get you all sealed up! It comes with all necessary o-rings for a full replacement. (6) O-rings included: (1) Large for the bottom of the body, (1) for the inner seal of the core to the body, (1) for the top core to body seal, and (3) fitting seals.

GrimmSpeed™  AOS Rebuild O-Ring Kit

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Rob L 26th Nov 2017


It is what it says it is, a perfect fit set of replacement o-rings for Grimmspeed's awesome AOS. The original o-rings had begun to deteriorate after about 5 or 6 years. Before I installed Grimmspeed's AOS, I used to have to add half a quart of oil between changes, and I drive a relatively low mile Subie. Where's all that oil going? Through the intake a lowering the octane rating of the fuel. After the installing the AOS, I have never had to add oil to the engine between oil changes. The level stays pretty much the same.

Matt 30th Jan 2017

fixed issue

Gasket was cracked (inner seal) had some oil residue around the plumbing and separator. Rebuild kit fixed the problem. Do not attempt to clean off without gloves when installing new gaskets, will cut you real good while wiping off residue!

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