GrimmSpeed Cast Aluminum Turbo Inlet - 15-21 WRX/FA20

FA20 Boost Control Solenoid Add-On

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Don't risk cracking your OE plastic inlet.

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from 2015-21 WRX owners has to do with cracks forming in their OEM plastic turbo inlets from removal, installation or just general wear and tear. As the plastic inlet ages and becomes brittle, it has a tendency to separate around the BPV and/or turbo flange portion of the piece. Since the inlet is one of the most critical components for metered air and consistent performance, cracks or separation can lead to dangerous conditions for the engine. To solve this problem before it happens, we’re proud to introduce the all new GrimmSpeed Aluminum Turbo Inlets.


For the development of The GrimmSpeed Turbo Inlet, we channeled our knowledge of intake and post MAF hose creation to bring you the best-designed and best-flowing piece possible. We began with laser-scanning the area and using our Faro Arm to pinpoint exactly how much room we had to play with during the design process. This not only ensured perfect theoretical fitment, but also allowed us to 3D print multiple versions for real-world testing and confirmation, resulting in an optimized version of the inlet. That final version was able to eliminate the air pockets that impede flow in it's OEM counterpart and gave The GrimmSpeed Inlet superior flow characteristics:

Although the inlet itself isn't meant to net huge gains as a standalone upgrade, it is an essential part of upgrading the intake tract and facilitating the ability for your engine to flow more freely. Best of all, The GrimmSpeed Cast Aluminum Inlet will ensure that you won't ever put your engine in jeopardy due to a crack and resulting change in metered air.



  • A380 Cast Aluminum - Extremely durable, eliminates OEM inlet cracking issues
  • CNC Machined - For perfect fit and sealing surfaces
  • OEM Fitment - Easy install, no modification required
  • Seamless Flow - CAD optimized design eliminates OEM air pockets
  • High Quality Breeze Clamps and Viton O-ring - Included in every kit
  • No Tuning Required - Even when coupled with GrimmSpeed DRY-CON Panel Air Filter and Post MAF Hoses for maximum performance
  • *Install Note* - The GrimmSpeed Turbo Inlet is designed to interface perfectly with the GrimmSpeed FA20 BCS. Use with the OEM or Other aftermarket BCS may require washers/longer bolts for mounting. Included bolts are m8x.80 12mm length.


  • GrimmSpeed Aluminum Turbo Inlet - Subaru 15-16 WRX - 125027 - (MSRP $199)
  • GrimmSpeed Aluminum Turbo Inlet - Subaru 17-21 WRX - 125026 - (MSRP $199)

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13 Reviews

Chan Castillo 6th Dec 2022

Turbo Inlet Hose 2015 WRX

The install was a breeze. Didn't need to remove the vacuum lines so it was an easy swap of the inlet hose. I have their EBCS and a Boomba BPV installed and I must say the airflow is much better. Before, you could hear the airflow stuttering with the OEM hose when harder on the throttle. With this, the airflow is smooth and louder. Also, the BPV flutter is much more noticeable.

Mike 11th Oct 2022

Turbo inlet

Easy install , excellently crafted and so much nicer than the Oem inlet. I feel and hear the turbo spool quicker and gives more response I’m my opinion. Definitely a must have .

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