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No more TMIC Inlet Leaks!

GrimmSpeed Mitsubishi EVO Master Cylinder Brake Brace
  • 3x Thicker Than OEM Gasket

  • Rubber forms to bad mating surfaces

  • Metal interal layer to prevent blow-outs



We all know how bad the OEM Subaru Top Mount Intercooler Gaskets are. They are the greatest source of leaks in the entire intake stream. Fear not, GrimmSpeed has answered your call! We present to you the 3x thicker GrimmSpeed TMIC Inlet Gaskets. Not only is this gasket 3 times thicker, it also contains an inner metal layer that will help prevent blow outs. The TMIC surface and the Y-Pipe Flanges never seem to truly mate to each other. That's where the 3x thicker Inlet Gasket's extra thickness comes in handy, creating a better seal for better protection against leaks.


The reinvention of heavy duty, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™

2 Reviews

Legolas Greenleaf 11th Jul 2019

They work well

For each of these two gaskets there are 3 wrong ways to place them and one correct way. I cleaned the insides of my Intercooler while I had it off. I am glad that I did, noticeable difference. These gaskets seem to be holding up well.

Beau Wallace 7th Oct 2018

They're Gaskets

Perfect fit, they do indeed appear to be 3x thicker. They're gaskets. But GrimmSpeed ones, so they're probably better.

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