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Save yourself MAJOR headache.

The turbo studs on the FA turbo motors are notoriously difficult to deal with. If you're lucky enough to get the nuts off without drama originally, be sure to replace them with higher quality hardware. The factory nuts are locking nuts that are prone to damaging the low quality factory studs. With our J-Pipe, we include four custom CNC machined stainless steel studs along with matching nuts. By popular request, we're now offering this hardware kit for sale so that those running different J-Pipes can still benefit from the upgraded hardware.

Quick Specs

304 Stainless Steel - Protects from corrosion in harsh conditions
Custom CNC Machined - Thread fit is meant for easy installation and excellent clamping force
Zinc Plated - This hardware will hold up to repeated use, unlike the factory pieces
100% Made in the USA - Manufactured right here in Minnesota!

Kit Includes

  • 4x Custom CNC Machined Stainless Steel Turbo Studs
  • 4x Clear Zinc Plated Nuts
  • 2x Yellow Zinc Plated Catback Bolts
  • 2x Yellow Zinc Plated Washers
  • 2x Yellow Zinc Plated Nuts

4 Reviews

Ian Chong 28th Jan 2018

GrimmSpeed J-Pipe Hardware Kit - 2015+ WRX

Just handling & looking at the components imparts confidence. I'm switching my factory J-pipe to aftermarket catless and want to take this opportunity to replace apparently less sturdy factory turbo bolts... especially since I expect to be revisiting that area in future. Cannot say it better... Save yourself MAJOR headache..!

John Lambert 30th Jan 2017

Very high quality

I purchased this set after hearing the horror stories of broken studs etc. As it turned out, my original studs were in perfect condition, so I only used the nuts, and kept the studs for later use if needed.

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