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When we say "Speed Begins Here" we mean it. GrimmSpeed has been providing enthusiasts with the performance parts they need to take their car from stock to dream build since 2006. Best of all, we proudly do it right here in the USA. We carry that pride with us everyday and want you to carry it too! We initially made these GrimmSpeed Jet Tags for our employees, but decided to offer them to our fans as well!

Made from high-quality woven polyester and twill, these will make for a great reminder of your support for a US-based manufacturing company like GrimmSpeed.

The keychain tags are $10 with $5 shipping anywhere in the United States, they are limited in quantity, so grab one while you can!


5 Reviews

Everette Horton 23rd Nov 2020

The little things

The attention to detail is apparent, it’s quality doesn’t feel mass produced it feels a bit “limited run” even though these probably are a staying staple

eric Hoistad 5th Oct 2020

Key tag

Was looking for a tG like this for a while . Love it high quality just like all of the other parts from the page

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