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The rigidity you're looking for!


The factory pitch stop mount is often overlooked and leaves a lot of room for improvement, both in performance and aesthetics. The OEM piece is made from flexible plastic and utilizes soft bushings, which means the engine and transmission have more room to pitch back and forth instead of staying tight during hard acceleration, braking and shifting.   

The GrimmSpeed Pitch Stop Mount solves this issue. Made from a single piece of billet 6061 aluminum, it is machined to shave off as much weight as possible, while remaining completely rigid. A heavy-duty anodized coating is applied along with two laser-etched GrimmSpeed logos. To finish things off, extremely durable 80-durometer urethane bushings and stainless steel sleeves are pressed in and each unit is individually inspected and packaged. With our pitch stop mount equipped, the amount of play your engine and transmission have during hard acceleration, deceleration and shifting is minimized, while your ride remains comfortable.   

Quick Specs

  • Billet Aluminum - Machined for looks and weight-savings
  • Anodized Coating - Meant to stand up to high heat and the elements
  • 80-Durameter Bushings - Strong with enough give to avoid a harsh ride
  • Reversible Design - Easy/direct install, choose which logo faces up!


  • 02-20 WRX/STI/Impreza
  • 04-18 Forester
  • 05-12 Legacy
  • 05-09 Outback
  • 13-19 Crosstrek

5 Reviews

Kei K 14th Feb 2020


I had upgraded from OE to Sti, and felt much stiffness. I was bit worried that upgrading to this will be too stiff but turns out it came out to be very smooth. Solid at the same time flex so I really love it. As all mentions, easy install after removing TMIC. I wish this was somehow visible since it has such a nice design.

Joe 5th Jan 2020

Pitch stop

Bought during the group buy. Very fast install. Felt the added stiffness on the first drive. Everything feels more solid. Another quality product!

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