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  • Automotive Grade 16ga Wire - Minimal resistance for maximum volume
  • Heat Shrink Terminals - Heat shrink, crimp-on therminals ensure a reliable connection
  • Protective Wire Sleeving - Clean black look, protects against abraision and stress
  • Plug-n-Play with OEM Harness - Installs and uninstalls in seconds

When it comes to wiring the Hella Horns that are mounted to your beautiful GrimmSpeed BroTie, we have you covered. After some testing, we determined that the additional few dBs offered by wiring with a relay weren't worth the added headache and potential failure points of a more complex harness using automotive relay, inline fuse and additional wiring directly to your battery. Fully pre-assembled, our simple harness will allow you to plug and play in seconds. Should your heart desire those last few ounces of ear-piercing goodness, our harness can also be adapted for use with a more complex relay harness. Diagrams for that configuration are included in our installation guide below.


  • 2002-2014 Subaru Impreza, WRX and STI
  • 2002-2015 Subaru Legacy
  • 2002-2015 Subaru Outback


15 Reviews

Zain Master 23rd Jul 2018

Hella Wiring Harness

This was the simplest mod, wiring harness that I've put on a Subie! Loved the simplicity and packaging.

Peter 8th Jul 2018

Hella Horns

Well-constructed with quality materials. The harness comes in contact with A/C condenser on '02-'07 WRX if using the Red Hella Horns (not the yellow ones) so you have to bend them out of the way. Otherwise they do save a lot of time from needing to build your own harness.

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