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 Simple Problem. Simple Solution.

  • Automotive Grade 16ga Wire - Minimal resistance for maximum volume
  • Heat Shrink Terminals - Heat shrink, crimp-on terminals ensure a reliable connection
  • Protective Wire Sleeving - Clean black look, protects against abrasion and stress
  • Plug-n-Play with OEM Harness - Installs and uninstalls in seconds with our custom connector

When it comes to wiring the Hella Horns mounted to your beautiful GrimmSpeed BroTie Bracket, we have you covered. Don’t stress yourself with trying to make a Hella horn harness from scratch when we offer a simple pre-assembled, OEM-quality harness that will allow you to plug and play in seconds. Our latest version of this harness has a custom-molded connector for an exact fit and is made longer to accommodate fitments for all 15+WRX/STI’.

You’ll notice our harness does not incorporate the Hella-provided relay as standard. After some testing, we determined that the additional few dBs offered by wiring with a relay weren't worth the added headache and potential failure points of a more complex harness using the relay, inline fuse and additional wiring directly to your battery. Should your heart desire those last few ounces of dBs, our harness can be adapted for use with a more complex relay harness.


  • 2015-21 Subaru WRX and STI
  • 2013-17 Crosstrek
  • 2014-18 Forester
  • 2013-20 BRZ/FRS/86

8 Reviews

WILL H 5th Feb 2023

Easy Installation

This install was a simple plug and play. Much easier then wiring up the horns with using the relays provided. The only issue I had was that the cables weren't labeled on which was positive and negative. After a little guess and check the horns worked as expected. Would highly recommend this cable if you choose to install the hella horns.

Chris Bergstrom 14th Jun 2021

Plug and play

The wiring harness is plug and play and the connector snaps securely in place. My only suggestion is to mark the cables with red on the 2 positive connections to take the guesswork out of installation. I installed it and there was no sound from the horns. Swapped some wires and only one horn was working. Finally after the third try both work as they should. Is piece of red tape or a red paint pen would be an easy fix. Or use red heat shrink. Thanks for the great harness! Nice quality and worth the money.

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