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You know the drill.

  • Extremely Loud 118dB Horns
  • Unique Dual Tone - One horn produces a 300hz tone while the other produces a 500hz tone
  • Automotive Relay - Included with each pair

These puppies are loud. You're on this page because you know that and want that. We have them. Simple, right?


  • Universal Fitment
  • 2002-2016 Subaru WRX and STI (With the use of the GrimmSpeed BroTie)

4 Reviews

Randy Flippen 16th Aug 2020

Louder than you think

I wish that the videos of hella horns did them justice. They are so much louder than you think they will be. Sitting in the car they're not that loud, but once you stand in front of it and someone else hits the horn it's ridiculous. Just how I want it. Now they MOVE over.

10th Aug 2016

You better have a vice!

"Let's torque this 1/2 nut to 400 ft lbs for no reason!" Seriously if you don't have a vice readily available, don't buy this. Grimmspeed should honestly consider leaving the bracket off the back of the horn itself, so that the user can put it on if its needed. I bought the "brotie" and it took me longer to actually remove the stock brackets than it did to install the product. Had to go to my work to use the vice there. So ridiculously tight for 0 reason whatsoever. NOTE FROM GRIMMSPEED: Sorry that the brackets gave you trouble! As this is not a GrimmSpeed product, we don't open or modify the contents of the package. Thanks for the feedback, though!

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