Manual Boost Controller

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Welcome to the most refined manual boost controller available on the market today. During development, we worked hand in hand with tuners across the country to develop this device and ensure that it solves legitimate problems that they have with other existing boost controllers. The GrimmSpeed MBC allows you to raise OEM boost levels in a quick and efficient manner through superior boost range and ultra-fine resolution (.25 PSI/click). Adding the MBC to your car will result in quicker spool up, quicker response and rock-solid boost control.


The first boost controller of its kind, The GrimmSpeed Manual Boost Controller uses Exact Control Technology, with over 250 adjustment points that lock into place via heavy duty stainless dual-ball detent system. An extra long travel spring gives you superior range, unmatched by any other manual boost controller on the market while maintaining high resolution, not just a vague guess at where to set your boost. Don't trust the life of your engine to trial and error, instead, pinpoint your boost setting using the adjustment scale running the length of the controller. CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum, anodized and laser etched, our MBC is designed to outlast your car. The GrimmSpeed Manual Boost Controller redefines precision control and will deliver the results that you demand.


  • 250 steps of adjustment - High-resolution control
  • 16 clicks per revolution - Facilitates exact adjustment
  • Laser Etched Scale and Labels - Easy to read and repeat precise adjustments
  • Superior Range without Sacrificing Resolution - 0-60 PSI capability with ultra-fine adjustments
  • Universal Mounting Solution - Can be rotated for multiple mounting positions
  • Precision CNC Machined - 6061-T6 Aluminum


Will work with any OEM or Aftermarket turbo application. 


26 Reviews

Sean Unrein 15th Feb 2023

Great Product, mounting options limited

Feels good in the hand, solid quality, and all the parts fit really tight plus super wide and precise boost control. My only gripe is that the mounting piece that with it feels limiting. But maybe thats just me. My engine bay is quite tight, keep that in mind If your buying and don't have alot of real-estate.

Mike Goebel 10th Feb 2021

Manual Boost Controller

Really nicely machined piece with clear markings and a super sweet detent system. I'm a mechanical Design Engineer for a living and I really like this design and the machining on this part. Mike G.

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