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Improve pedal feel and braking capabilities!

GrimmSpeed Subaru WRX Master Cylinder Brake Brace

  • Most Bracket Mounting Points Available!
    (5 strut tower mounting points)

  • Fits all Legacy GT 2005- mid 2007 NON-VDC models

  • Indestructible 12L14 CNC Laser cut construction and black powder coating

  • Pedal feel dramatically improved
    (Similar feeling to SS Braided brake lines)

  • Large diameter pressure cup 
    (Will not mar and damage the master cylinder like other braces)

  • Only brace to not require any cutting or modification of stock components.

  • Simple Allen key locking mechanism

Pressing Subaru brakes leaves a lot to be desired, especially when every inch counts in a race or when you are depending on them to save your life! The dramatic firewall flex is the source of this performance flaw in Subarus that we came to solve. Skipping the "standard bracket" that others have been making we engineered the most simple to install and best performing master cylinder brace on the market. The GrimmSpeed™ Master Cylinder Brace takes a beating and comes back for more! Crafted from hardcore CNC laser cut 12L14 with multi-point welded fabrication. It is the Abrams Tank of master cylinder braces touting 5 factory mounting points, the most available from any brace. Powdercoated black this brace will outlive your car and win you some style points to boot. Most importantly this brace kit will kill your wimpy pedal feel and give you the immediate and tight response that your performance car deserves and needs when you hit the track or rally. This brace will give you the confidence similar to that of SS braided brake lines with precision stopping. Not to mention street driving just got a whole lot more fun!

The reinvention of heavy duty, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™

This is an example of the actual effect the GrimmSpeed brace has on a flexing master cylinder.


2 Reviews

Andre Surles 18th May 2020


Nice little upgrade, not mind blowing or anything but noticeable. Brings some consistency to the pedal feel and makes for a much more linear experience. Previously I had the dreaded brake line failure due to the weak spray and pray recall that SOA offered on these cars. So coming into this I have fresh hard lines throughout, SS rear lines and new stock fronts (stealership didn't install the SS front lines I provided) and obviously fresh fluid. The car has Brembo pads btw. Overall it was a noticeable improvement but still didn't feel great by any stretch, certainly not $2300 fresh either. Enter this brace, it pulled the car from just okay to pretty good and much more enjoyable to drive. I now feel I can trust the brakes vs. hope they stop the car. What's that worth to you? Install: Removing the parts is kind of a pain just due to the lack of space, it takes some time and you will curse a bit. Install on the other hand was quick and easy, my 2005 did require the included spacers to get everything lined up. Highly recommended for any LGT, it's all the little things that make a car better, and this is one of them.

Lune 25th Jan 2018

Installed mine on an 06 Legacy GT with a 17/16ths Master Cylinder from a 06 WRX

My mechanic had never seen a master cylinder brace before and had to question how it was installed. I showed him the graphic shown above and that was all he needed. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is I don't know how much of the improvement I can attribute to the brace alone. I also replaced my calipers, rotors and pads with the following kit: All items work together on stock rims. The brace butts up firmly against the 17/16ths WRX master cylinder. There is definitely less pedal travel before I get to firmness. On my way home after picking up my car I hammered the brakes pretty hard. I could barely get them to lock up but that is due to the ABS. They were definitely far more firm and responsive with none of the squishiness that I was trying to resolve. This part was a drop in the bucket for the price of the rest of my parts and I wouldn't do the upgrade again without it.

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