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I just had to share with the group. I started to notice more exhaust noise and smell for the past few months coming from under the hood. Last time any exhaust items were messed with was more than a year ago so obviously something was blown out. I only noticed some lag to hit full boost, but it would get there. Not wanting to mess around I ordered a full set of gaskets from Justin at Grimmspeed. I later that night did some searching here on NASIOC and found that more times than others it is the manifold to uppipe gasket. I did not really want to spend the money for a full set of gaskets if I could get away with doing the one. I emailed Justin and got the order down graded to just the one DOUBLE thick gasket that he sells. Took the time to work on the car today and before the splash cover was even removed I could see the blown cooper gasket. I was able to slip Justin’s double gasket in without doing more than removing the heat shield and feeding the new gasket in, I even took the time to modify the heat shield so I don’t have to remove the O2 sensor for shield removal. I just have to give props to Justin of Grimmspeed for fantastic customer service and product satisfaction. The car feels brand new and I have my proper sound singing to me. That little exhaust leak was causing far more lag than I knew, the car does come up on boost a whole lot quicker. Back to loving life. THANKS JUSTIN GRIMMSPEED!!

Dan Moffitt

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Thank you very much for the prompt turnaround! I've read many good things about you folks on NASIOC, and so far, I'm happy to have given you guys my business (even though it's been rather small business. Booo...).

Thanks again!

Matt McClendon

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Thank You! It's rare to get good customer service like this from people these days.

Keep up the good work!

Jay Llaniguez

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You guys are awesome! Thanks for getting this processed (and updated) so quickly.
Hopefully the crossover pipe will let me take full advantage of the ATP GT3076 turbo I just had installed.
Have a great weekend.

Best regards,
J. Llaniguez

Michael Goldberg

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Hi GrimmSpeed Guys,
I finally had the opportunity to have your pieces (UP Pipe and Ported Stock Headers) both coated, installed and tuned for my 2006 WRX TR.
Wow did I get some crazy torque numbers with pretty minimal mods!

  • IHI VF-43 Turbo
  • Helix v3 Catted Down Pipe
  • Buschur Racing CAI
  • GrimmSpeed Up Pipe
  • GrimmSpeed Ported Headers
  • Crawford Catch Can
  • Cobb Access Port v1
  • Borla Hush Exhaust
  • STi OEM Intercooler

Dyno sheet attached.(customers dyno sheet was 311/355 - GrimmSpeed) Great stuff! I'm super pleased.


Jag Grewal

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I can't believe how quick you guys work! That's awesome! Thank you very much! Thanks for the info and the quick turn around on all of this! I look forward to purchasing from you folks again soon.


Mike Newsham- IWSTI

You know, Rich, today was a completely horrible day at work and I kept thinking to myself "the only thing that'll save this day is to get home and find out that my Grimmspeed stuff is done and on it's way." You really didn't disappoint me. I appreciate that you combined my orders and were good enough to refund my shipping on the second order. I look forward to doing business with you and your company again soon. This has been one of the most pleasant and easy transactions with part suppliers that I've had so far (and I'm well over $10k in mods by now) and I thank you again for your help.

Have a great weekend and know I'll be adding to the already tons of positive comments about Grimmspeed on

Take Care.

Joel Sanchez - MNSubaru

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I just want to let you guys know that the TGV's are working great on my car I got them installed and tuned for it with a gain of 10-15 whp with spacers thats estimate cause i install other parts too like Agency power turbo inlet pipe and Injen cold air for a total of 30 whp from 329 to 360... Thanks, for keep the Subaru fans happy with your job

Mars_D - Nasioc

Original Review: "GrimmSpeed"

I was looking at other vendors in the reviews section and found none on Justin aka GrimmSpeed, so I thought I'd start it off.

Customer service is way beyond excellent, as Justin goes far and above all expectations:

  • replies to PMs in a timely manner; great communication before/during/after order
  • never hesitates to give advice and help if asked 
  • straightforward with suggestions on projects 
  • willing to 'take care of you' if at all possible, if core is available he'll get it out to you so little to no car downtime

My expericence so far with GrimmSpeed applies to:

  • Crossover Groupbuy
  • Massive Port TD04

Great pricing ,fast shipment and product is great as expected for both x-over and turbo.

Also looking out to expand not only his great port and polish skills, but also to provide new and price conscious products; i.e. hood dampners, Phenolic spacers.

Thanks for everything!

04caliwrx - Nasioc

Original Review: "thanks GrimmSpeed"

Ok so I just got home from my long drive back from Santa Clarita Ca. The drive home had to have been the best time I have spent in my car! The car is ****ing nasty! it moves, and pulls really hard up top and just does not want top stop! My first tune on 6/24/07 I got 304/255......due to some meth problems and a really really hot day! Yesterday I got a amazing 330whp, and 319 torque. Thats 26whp, and 65 Torque, and man that makes all the difference in the world! My only new mods were Grimm Speed P&P with crossover and a turbo XS Dtec! (thanks Sean) Then Tim did what he does best tuning. I am really happy that I made the drive to Yimi sport, and have a round two with Tim.

People I would like to thank!

  • Tim Bailey
  • Paul, & everyone at Yimi Sport. You guys rock and I'm "hella" proud to say that you guys do work on my car 
  • Sean, for that great Dtec, it really makes a huge difference! 
  • Grimm Speed, love the P&P and crossover you guys rock!! 
  • Chris at Scooby Tunner for all hours on the phone and all the great stuff you sold me.

jermdeez - IWSTI

Original Review: "Grimmspeed EWG uppipe best mod ever on both my sti's"

Well to give you some background I bought an 05 sti new, put about 50k on it. Had sways/ohlins/pinks/tophats/clutch kit/catless 3 inch tbe/protuned/some ss lines blah blah bllllllaaaaaahhhhhh, shifter bushings etc...

Well that car was unfortunately wrecked by my friend. Later I decided to go for a super low mileage 2006 but that had tons of parts (although not setup or tuned well). I had it inspected and brought it fp green with turboxs fmic.........well it ran like crap so I took it to get tuned. did just about 300/300 on a mustang vs. my last cars 266/280 (st. 2)..........well I could tell it rev'ed quicker........but the car actually felt slower to me due to response/lag..........I was pretty dissapointed..........felt like I should go to a vf39........

well.....I decided to wait on grimmspeeds ewg uppipe as I knew how important fit/quality is in a part like this and trusted their expertise and well I won't lie.......I know a few people who bought other brand externally gated uppipes and well yeah thats that. ...........oh yea and my shop wouldn't install the unnamed brand.

Well I did the ewg kit 38mm/ pnp header/cross my car tuned..............It feels like 100 percent different car........I don't care about numbers or anything but perception.............its awesome.......

I had worked this out to give me more spool/low end but it's all a guess until you get the car back. Well this really did everything i'd hoped and more.........the response is awesome and it just rips through the gears.........unfortunately it's a little scary to drive in the turns now.....................

Well I gained about 30-35 whp............the tuner is very good I must mention as well. thanks ED EQ tuning.................then I decided ehhh turbo upgrade?? well I gotta do vp109 race map..........Ed and I planned to do around 25 psi......but once we got to 23 I was making 395/401 from the 330~335/340lbs..........and before these mods 300/300........

So i got my hp proven which is also nice.......but I could care less because the thing is so responsive and so fast. It feels much more like the st.2. I was really displeased with the performance of my car before this but knew the fp green and my car should be able to be woken up a lot more......that it just didn't feel right..............................well now it does.

Well thanks Grimmspeed (I bugged them everyday to be a first user of the product and they granted that wish however I didn't get tuned until recently due to some un-car related setbacks) guys have truly made my car so much more fun to drive.......and given me maybe the most amazing sounds in the world. You guys rock and your customer service is top notch......i've been around the block so this is a very accurate statement.

ps: the quality of the uppipe was probably the best out of anything else i've purchased for a car.

02blubru - Nasioc

Original Review: "GrimmSpeed Review Thread"

Fust ordered uncle scottys cocktail from them. I think I ordered it tuesday and got it friday. Thanks justin and grimmspeed

iheartscoobys - Nasioc

Original Review: postcount=31 "GrimmSpeed Review Thread"

grimmspeed rules, there products are awsome too...

I picked up a set of grimmspeed ported & polished header, and a x-over pipe, amzing port job...I picked up 15whp after i got retuned last week

stikboy9 - Nasioc

Original Review: postcount=34 "GrimmSpeed Review Thread"

Grimmspeed rocks! Answered all emails promptly and even sent out a "heads up" email that I thought was pretty cool. I got my black ceramic coated UP on Saturday. Install went smooth and everything lined up perfectly. Great product from a great vendor. I'll definitely be picking up a manifold/crosspipe package from them. Thanks for the shirt Justin!

- Dave