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GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler Dyno Ducts are intended for use on a vehicle that's being dyno tuned. As your car moves through the air on the street, your hood scoop collects a massive amount of air. This is quite difficult to simulate on a dyno without the proper equipment, so our engineering team decided to design these ducts for use during product testing. It quickly occurred to us that this might be a product that other shops and tuners would be interested in.

This duct is designed to fit the GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler specifically. It may fit others with or without modification, but our goal was to optimize for the intercooler that we designed. For a more universal fitment, consider using the 2015+ WRX TMIC Dyno Duct, which may not be exactly the correct size, but mounts flat.

Each duct features two 6" outlets, suitable for standard 6" HVAC flexible ducting. We've found that this type of ducting provides a nice level of flexibility and also holds its shape to avoid resting on the car. The other benefit is that it flows very, very well, when compared to accordian style hoses of the same size. The user will need to get creative when adapting the 6" duct to their selected fans, but we've had great luck using a few specific HVAC parts from the local hardware store and will be posting a 'DIY' writeup and video in the coming weeks.



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