Top Mount Intercooler Kit - Subaru WRX 15-21

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Meticulous Engineering, Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Replace that undersized, plastic stock intercooler with a GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler Kit, featuring cast aluminum end tanks, large bar and plate core and TIG welded construction. The factory FA20dit TMIC is well-suited for stock applications, but when boost levels are increased, the higher post-turbo air temps contribute to pre-detonation (or 'knock') and loss in power. The GrimmSpeed intercooler is designed to keep charge temps consistent during aggressive driving so that the rest of your parts can work to make power.

Quick Specs

  • 13.1in x 10in x 3.75in Cross Flow Core - careful balance of high heat transfer and low pressure drop
  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks - featuring machined splitter mounting features
  • 5-Ply Silicone Couplers - custom molded and reinforced for demanding environments
  • Fully-Integrated Two-Piece Splitter - collects air from the entire width of the scoop and feeds it directly to the core
  • Water Meth 1/8 NPT Bung - Cast into the outlet end tank, CNC machine tapped and plugged for future use
  • Vibration Isolation Mounting - protect the intercooler system from fatigue due to vibration by reusing the factory mounts
  • Cleaned, Inspected and Sealed Prior to Shipping - prevent motor damage due to foreign matter

Why GrimmSpeed?

The GrimmSpeed engineering team has a history of developing the highest performing Top Mount Intercoolers available and the 2015-21 WRX fitment is no different. This intercooler was in the testing and revision phase for over a year, as continual improvements to performance and fitment were found. The GrimmSpeed kit offers a perfectly fitting intercooler assembly, along with a custom 5-ply silicone throttle body coupler and hi-torque stainless steel clamps. Each kit also includes our unique two-piece splitter design that replaces the factory engine cover with a splitter design that's made to fit the larger core of the GrimmSpeed TMIC. The performance of any Top Mount Intercooler is only as good as the splitter that's directing air through the core and in this area especially, the GrimmSpeed team nailed it.

  • High Efficiency and Flow - Other manufacturers focus on cooling without understanding the damage that high restriction can do to a cars ability to produce power.
  • Two-Piece Splitter Design - Other manufacturers repurpose or modify the stock engine cover. GrimmSpeed has replaced it entirely with an innovative two-piece design.
  • Optional Upgraded Charge Pipe - Use of the GrimmSpeed Charge Pipe is optional, allowing you to upgrade at your own pace.
  • Designed and Manufactured Locally - Ensuring repeatable quality, clean components and consistent assembly


Each intercooler uses two unique end tanks. The first accepts the hot charge air from the turbo and feeds it to the intercooler core. The second receives the cooled charge air from the core and delivers it to the throttle body. These end tanks are precision cast and machined right here in Minnesota. Following inspection, end tanks are welded to high density bar and plate intercoolers before the entire assembly is pressure tested, cleaned and sealed for shipment. 5-ply silicone couplers hold their shape in extreme conditions and ensure that charge air makes it to and from the intercooler with no trouble. Splitters are laser cut from aluminum sheet and CNC bent before being assembled and powdercoated with a durable texture black finish. Stainless steel hardware secures the splitter to the factory hood scoop.


We tested the OEM TMIC, GrimmSpeed TMIC and a leading competitor TMIC in a back to back to back comparison and used our multi-sensor data acquisition system to evaluate temperature deltas, intercooler efficiency, pressure drop and more. Below is a chart showing cooling efficiency between the three.


Fitments and Options

  • 15-21 Subaru WRX

11 Reviews

Ryan 24th Aug 2023


Install was easy with their writeup and YouTube video, both were easy to follow. I have no way of reading temps, but I saw an increase in recorded max boost, although I did install this at the same time as a COBB charge pipe and GrimmSpeed turbo inlet and GrimmSpeed BPV. It all worked really well together (except I wish I got the GrimmSpeed charge pipe because the COBB one did not match up well to where the GrimmSpeed bits located the BPV. If you're going to do the turbo inlet, charge pipe and BPV, get them all from the same company. I highly recommend GrimmSpeed. The WRX has been pro-tuned and they made no mention of it heating up at all, so I assume that is a good sign.

Andrew S Hope 10th Dec 2020

Beauty and the boost

I mostly picked this up because I live in California and since I’m running a beefier stage 1 tune I figured it would help control any potential knocks in the summer. Good god what a beautiful piece! Every weld is professionally done, and the installation was simple even for someone greenish to working on cars like myself. In comparison to the OEM piece you can immediately tell where your money is going: the GS is beefier, heavier, but weirdly enough does not cause as much of a boost pressure loss from increase in core size as I thought it would. If you’re going to trust GS for anything definitely trust their abilities with their intercoolers. I’ll be complementing it soon with their charge pipe to really solidify the whole engine package. A must for tuners looking to get the best from their cars.

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