Turbo Heat Shield - WRX/STi/LGT/FXT

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Heat Shield Bracket Upper
Heat Shield Bracket Lower

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Keep Heat Soak to a Minimum with our Heat Shield!

GrimmSpeed Subaru WRX STi LegacyGT FXT Turbo Heat Shield

  • Enhanced Turbo/Downpipe Coverage
    (Keeps radiant heat out of engine bay)
  • Fits all Factory and Most Aftermarket Turbos on LHD cars only
    (Designed to work with your future upgrades!)
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    (Constructed entirely of the same material to avoid thermal fatigue)
  • Intercooler Stays MUCH Cooler
    (Turbo is very close to IC)
  • Fits Most Downpipes
    (Even  the HUGE 4" TurboXS!)
  • Integrates critical rear lip feature to better contain and direct heat
  • Won't Overheat Your Turbo like a Turbo Blanket 

 We knew when it came time to design this product we didn't want to just create another heat shield to add to the mix, but create another level of product. The basic heat shield would not cut it, we wanted every fitment of turbo, downpipe, and up pipe combination we could work into one design. We measured, cut, bent, welded, riveted, and after many tested prototypes we arrived at a heatshield we are extremely proud of. Other heatshields had problems with cracking, poor fitment, or poor heat coverage but we would not settle for this! So here it is, elegantly simple in style, but painstakingly engineered in design. It's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed.

Please note that this will only work with LHD vehicles


Heat Shield Testing Vs. No heat shield on 2002 2.5 Hybrid Wrx

If you need the OEM Subaru part #'s for the heat shield brackets here they are:

  • Upper Bracket: 44021AA014
  • Lower Bracket: 14427AA022

GrimmSpeed Subaru WRX STi LegacyGT FXT Turbo Heat Shield
GrimmSpeed Subaru Turbo Heatshield

Internal Heat Testing w/ probe INSIDE intercooler air flow path.GrimmSpeed Subaru WRX STi LegacyGT FXT Turbo Heat Shield

GrimmSpeed Subaru WRX STi LegacyGT FXT Turbo Heat Shield


11 Reviews

Zach 28th Aug 2019

Heat shield

Much better than the oem heat shield, and it’s a very easy install 30 minutes tops

13th Sep 2017


Another great product from Grimmspeed! Fits perfectly over my Grimmspeed downpipe, looks great, excellent craftsmanship as usual. Thanks Grimmspeed!

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