GrimmSpeed Front Mount Intercoolers: Giving the people what they want!

GrimmSpeed Front Mount Intercoolers: Giving the people what they want!

"I tHoUgHt ThE tOp MoUnT wAs GoOd EnOuGh"

For years and years we have been the leaders of the Subaru top mount game (source: me..). While the previous statement may or may not be true, its no secret we have made a name for ourselves by engineering, testing, and manufacturing some of the top performance parts in the industry: namely, our top mount intercoolers.

The top mount intercooler that comes in turbo Subarus leave a lot to be desired. Usually a construction of plastic end tanks crimped onto a thin aluminum core, they do a decent job on a totally stock car. If you want to make some more power, you need something a little more robust, which is where our upgraded offerings shine. 

Before you say you cant make power on a top mount, let me just show you something quick, it'll only take 9.9seconds of your time:


Now that we have put that to rest, lets continue.

I do want to say I understand the allure of a front mount, especially aesthetically. They look cool and give the impression there's a lil' somethin' under the hood. Yeah, it can also definitely outperform a TMIC in certain circumstances. There are already a ton of FMIC options out there, but that's not why we held off. We were so confident in our TMIC to perform for 95% of Subaru owners that we didn't feel the need to make a front mount. But in recent years, and with tuners and engine builders squeezing more and more performance out of these engines, (and with the new front bumpers with a perfect little frame for a massive core...) we decided it was time to give the people what they want.

Intercoolers are basically just radiators for turbocharged air (but you know that already). The core is the most important part of an intercooler, because its where the cooling magic happens. It’s difficult to design the most efficient core possible; get it right and you have phenomenal results, get it wrong and you end up with an expensive paperweight. We were able to channel over a decade of intercooler production knowledge into creating a totally custom design from the ground up with our tested internal and external specifications to maximize the performance and deliver the best cooling option on the market. The beautiful cast aluminum end tanks were carefully designed alongside the core for the most efficient and optimal flow characteristics for all driving situations. The result of our hard work is an intercooler designed, welded and tested right here in Minneapolis, MN by a team of skilled engineers and welders with extremely minimal pressure drop and extraordinary heat rejection.

(Both styles of FMIC core, raw and black finish options)

Now, the air needs to get to, and through, the core. It sounds easy, just make the pipes connect and call it a day. Yes, and no. An impressive core like the one we’ve designed means nothing without a complimentary, properly-engineered piping kit. Much like an Intake, you want to control how the air is moving through the system. GrimmSpeed kits are comprised of thick aluminum tubing, precisely machine-bent with large radius bends for maximum flow and perfect fitment every time. The pipes are bead rolled at each end to lock together with the included 5-ply silicone couplers so you don’t have to worry about blow offs under high boost.

(Red piping kit for 15-21 STI, ain't it pretty?)

Now that you've fallen in love with our front mount offerings, we're left with just one question: do you need one?

The answer is: it depends. The GrimmSpeed Front Mount Intercooler is the best of the best. It was specifically designed with high horsepower cars in mind. While you may experience a little bit of turbo lag because of the added piping on a street car, it wont be a detriment to your setup (plus you get that cool FMIC core peeking through your lower grill). As I said before, one of our TMIC is perfect for street cars, and will good for almost any power you want to throw at it. But if you want the look, and the room to grow power wise, look no further than a GrimmSpeed Front Mount Intercooler Kit available now at