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GrimmSpeed does it again with our enlarged bore Intake Manifold-To-TGV Gaskets. Why do you want the enlarged bore style vs. the small oem?...the oem gasket hole diameter is much smaller than the TGV itself so you are very limited on matching up the ports of the outlet of the Intake manifold going into the inlet of the TGV during porting. With our enlarged-port gasket we are able to match the IM and TGV up perfectly which greatly improves air flow quality at a very important location in your intake track (right before it goes into the engine!).

Note: These gaskets work great as a cost-effective OE-replacement, with or without TGV porting.

02-07 WRX

04-20 STI

04-08 FXT

05-09 LGT

Subaru Intake Manifold TGV Gasket Subaru Intake Manifold TGV Gasket