GrimmSpeed Gold Wheel Paint

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 Direct Gold BBS Touch Up Paint!! Or just paint your silver wheels Gold BBS.

NOTE: Paint can only be shipped in the lower 48 states and cannot be shipped in the air via USPS. Please select the Fedex or UPS Ground shipping options only!

GrimmSpeed™ presents "GrimmSpeed Gold", your only BBS gold wheel paint can't even get this color directly from BBS!! Our engineer has been working on this color match the entire summer and

GrimmSpeed Gold BBS Wheel Paint

it is finally here! We personally know that when you damage those beauitful gold BBS rims it is impossible to find a paint that is an exact match so you end up with the whole world knowing that you rubbed that extra high curb. Well now you can spray a bit of our "GrimmSpeed Gold" Wheel Paint on them and they will look like new!

And for all of you that don't have BBS wheels, well now you can paint your wheels the same color as the BBS wheels. Being Subaru owners ourselves, we are all addicted to the gold look but it is impossible to find a good gold color at your local paint/auto parts store(especially one that is even remotely close to BBS gold). Search no more!

The paint is an acrylic enamel. Essentially one of the most durable single component paint available (paint able to be sprayed out of a rattle can).

Clear coats and application
We now offer a specially formulated GrimmSpeed Clear Coat for use with our color matched paints! To add more than one can to your order, please visit the product page (CLICK HERE) and add as many as you need to your cart.
2 Cans of GrimmSpeed Gold will thoroughly coat the faces of 4 wheels. If you want to coat the inside drums and outside fully we suggest 3-4 cans

12oz Can


21 Reviews

Tom 13th Jun 2020

BBS Gold Paint

This paint is fantastic. It went on easy and came out perfect. They look like they came from the factory this way. Highly recommended.

Rev. Phil 7th May 2020

Came out great

I bought 4 cans of BBS Gold to refinish my OEM wheels. The original owner had badly curbed all of the wheels. I had to do a lot of grinding , sanding and some filling. There are some imperfections left in the wheels, but they look 10 times better. Each wheel was coated 3 time one the face and clearcoat and the inside barrel was coated 3 times as well but only clearcoat 2 times. Almost looks factory. Came out very good. The GrimmSpeed BBS Gold paint went on nicely and was easy to work with. Great coverage. Shipping was fast, and like always great service. I will be ordering from GrimmSpeed in the future.

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