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It appears that you’re not the only one with excellent taste in premium automotive components! Unfortunately, the red pulley is temporarily out of stock, however should become available soon. You can still place your order and be put in a queue; the item will be shipped ASAP. Please contact our customer service via email or phone (612-379-0000) with questions, or check for availability with our retailers, thanks!

Improve Engine Response and Faster Rev's

GrimmSpeed Subaru Lightweight Crank Pulley
  • Fits on EJ Series Engines 
    • Decreases rotational mass more than 3.5lbs over OEM (You will see much faster revs as a result)

    • Factory Fit for clean install

    • Optimum weight to avoid misfire CELs or hesitation

    • 2008+ OEM Subaru Stretch Belt Install Kit Option
      (No other company offers this Optional Add-On)

    • Balanced CNC machined 6061 T6 anodized Aluminum 
  • Includes OEM timing marks for timing verification.


In our opinion, the OEM Subaru crank pulley has been a cause for concern ever since its original design. It is relatively heavy, susceptible to catastrophic failure, and quite unsightly. Continuing to use this on our cars just wouldn't do. Eliminating rotational mass while maintaining a safe presence can increase reliability and bring faster Rev's! For our Lightweight Crank Pulley we pulled out all of the stops. CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum our pulley makes no compromise. It weighs in at 3.5lbs lighter than OEM while at the same time increasing its durability. Marked with a timing mark and perfect cut keyway makes this install a breeze. We designed the pulley with the optimum weight for performance while avoiding misfire CEL's and engine hesitation.

Here at GrimmSpeed innovation is the standard with every product we release and our pulley is no exception. We have designed the only aftermarket pulley installation and removal tool that works with each style of OEM Subaru pulley as well as our aftermarket lightweight pulley. To take it one step further we have also designed the only compatible aftermarket stretch belt installation kit for all 2008+ Subaru Models.

Achieving balance between performance and design while not sacrificing either, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed™

Based on our analysis, the OEM crank pulley does not act as a harmonic damper found on for example traditional V8 engine dampers. The elastomer portion of the pulley helps dampen some noise from the engine accessories (ie. alternator, PS pump, and A/C compressor) but in our experience, the increase in this noise is in-perceivable.

Options - Explanation of Parts

Gates OEM A/C Belts - This is a replacement A/C Belt for your vehicle.

Gates 08+ Impreza Stretch Belt Kit - In 2008, Subaru did away with the A/C Belt Tensioner and instead went with a stretch belt. In order to install/remove this Subaru A/C Belt you need the Stretch Belt Kit for all 2008+ Imprezas.

GrimmSpeed Pulley Removal/Install Tool - This unique tool allows you to hold the pulley in place while you are trying to loosen/tighten the center crankshaft bolt. Another great feature is that it will work with both OEM Pulleys AND the GrimmSpeed Pulley. This is truly a first of its kind tool that is great to have in your toolbox.

GrimmSpeed/Gates Stretch Kit Adapter - We have created a unique adapter that allows you to use the Gates Stretch Belt Kit for the 2008+ Impreza with the GrimmSpeed Pulley. Other manufacturers tell you to use the Gates kit on the 2008+ Imprezas but they fail to mention that the Gates Kit will not work on their pulley. We've solved this problem for our pulley.

13 Reviews

Seth 3rd Sep 2020

Crank Pulley Install and Info on 2005 STi

Just installed the pulley, OEM pulley weight is 5 Pounds, 10 and a half Ounces. Grimmspeed pulley is 2 Pounds, half ounce. Car revs slightly faster now, has smoother downshifts, and the engine doesn’t lurch anymore when AC clutch engages. I bought the crank pulley tool along with this, and install didn’t take too long but I had to pull the drivers side radiator fan in order to fit a deep socket into the pulley. Overall happy with the purchase

Dylan Smith 18th May 2020

2006 LGT Install

Quick and easy install on a 2006 Legacy GT. Product is great quality and you can notice a big difference in weight between the OEM pulley and the Grimmspeed one. I was having some feedback knock on my AP before installing during on/off throttle situations, and this helped limit those and I see these numbers pop up on my AP much less in the few hundred miles I’ve drive since install. Great product for an auto as well since we cannot do a lightweight flywheel like the manuals. Would recommend to anyone, especially with the great customer service they offer!

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