GrimmSpeed Bottle Opener Keychain


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Carry that GrimmSpeed pride with you daily.

Precision CNC laser cut from locally sourced Stainless Steel, this keychain is the real deal. We put the same design, manufacturing methods into the development of this keychain that we do all of our products. Of course, it also has a bit of a GrimmSpeed touch. To dull those sharp, laser cut edges, each keychain is tumbled in an ceramic media. This achieves a smooth, raw look without endangering your fingers, pants, cell phone, man purse, etc. As an added bonus, we snuck a bottle opener into the design. We kept it as low-profile as possible, but it'll definitely do the job in a pinch.

So, ditch your fratboy bottle opener and dealership keychain for a single, carefully engineered piece that screams, "I know a quality aftermarket product when I see one, and I'm not afraid to admit it."


  • CNC Laser Cut - Perfect proportions, every time
  • Stainless Steel Construction - This keychain will outlast your great grandchildren
  • Tumbled Finish - Removes sharp edges and gives a smooth, uniform finish
  • Premium Keyring - Nickle plated 7/8" split ring

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    grimmspeed keychain

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