GrimmSpeed Heat Shield for Version 2 GESI J-Pipe - 2015 Subaru WRX


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The factory FA20 J-Pipe has heat shielding built onto the pipe to keep exhaust heat away from nearby critical components like the water pump, lower radiator hose and serpentine belt. A lot of exhaust heat is retained by the catalytic converter in order to make it function properly, which is why having a heat shield over the top of the cat is so important. On our Version 1 J-Pipe, the cat was located at the rear end of the unit, so heat management wasn’t a big concern, however with the updated OE location towards the turbo and the large GESI Catalyst included in our Version 2 J-Pipe, we knew it was critical to do everything possible to minimize heat bleeding off the exhaust and into other temperature-sensitive systems of the engine.

That is where the GrimmSpeed V2 J-Pipe Heat Shield comes to the rescue. We’ve found that having the larger GESI Catalytic Converter right under the engine can raise the ambient temperatures at the front of the engine bay, but adding our heat shield can help keep the excessive heat in check. The GrimmSpeed J-Pipe Heat Shield is made from a single sheet of durable, lightweight aluminum deliberately chosen for its thermal efficiency. The shield is bent to fit tightly around the cat and mounted with oversized worm clamps to allow for easy installation, even if the J-Pipe is already installed in the car!


  • Direct fit for GrimmSpeed Version 2 GESi J-Pipe
  • Shields the Water Pump, Radiator Hose and Belt from Excess Exhaust Heat
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • CNC Cut and Bent for a Perfect Fit
  • Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA


  • 2015 Subaru FA20 WRX equipped with GrimmSpeed V2 GESi J-Pipe