GrimmSpeed Post-MAF Hose Kit - Red - 2022+ Subaru BRZ, 2022+ Toyota GR86


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Less turbulent air means better flow. Increased flow equals more power!

Part of our job is identifying OE Subaru parts that could be improved upon and creating the best aftermarket versions of them. The pieces that make up your factory intake are a great example. In order for you to maximize both the performance and look of your OEM intake system, we’re proud to introduce GrimmSpeed Post MAF Hose Kits for the 2022 Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86.

Our post MAF hose construction improves on OE with 2 main features:

First is the smooth inner surface, removing the pockets from the OE structural corrugated folds. The GrimmSpeed BRZ/86 Post MAF Hoses are comprised of 4-ply silicone and unlike our competitor's offerings, are reinforced with an internal stainless steel wire running the length of each piece. This makes our hoses sufficiently flexible and also allows them to retain strong structural properties for a design that maximizes flow, is very easy to install and won't collapse under vacuum.

The second feature is tapered end portions, making sure the inner diameter matches the OEM air box and throttle body. A mis-matched diameter creates steps, which will interrupt the air flow trajectories and create small vortexes in the post MAF hoses. Our variants are designed specifically to prevent these issues.


The first step in improving on an existing part is to find its shortcomings. The OEM rubber hose requires sharper angels and corrugated structural folds as part of its design. This contributes to uneven airflow through the hose with high and low pressure spots. The GrimmSpeed Hose design supports a minimal curve transition and is perfectly smooth inside, resulting in more consistent airflow:

The tapered portion is also an important design choice for contributing to even flow through the hose. A plot comparison showing vorticity (a calculation used for flow disruption) between a non-tapered version and GrimmSpeed’s Tapered Hose shows an additional reduction in turbulence:


  • 4-Ply Stainless Steel-Reinforced Silicone - Extremely durable, yet flexible; available in red or black
  • OEM Fitment - Easy install, no modification required
  • Seamless Flow - CAD optimized design
  • High Quality Breeze Hose Clamps - Included in every kit
  • No Tuning Required - Plug and play
  • GrimmSpeed Logo - Represent your favorite brand!


  • 2022+ Subaru BRZ
  • 2022+ Toyota GR86


GrimmSpeed Post MAF Hose Kit Install - 15-21 WRX