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GrimmSpeed Subaru Donut Gasket

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Exhaust leaks seem to be an all-too-common issue with most modded Subarus. They tend to spring up out of nowhere and cause hours of troubleshooting headaches. One of the most common leaks that we hear about is from running an OEM downpipe with an aftermarket 3" catback without a proper adapter. Use an adapter that allows you to retain your stock donut gasket for the best solution to finally end that pesky leak.

  • Flanged for OEM Donut Gasket

  • Machined lip centers 2-Bolt Gasket

  • CNC Machined Steel Construction
    (Zinc coated for durability)
  • Simple bolt on installation
    (Supplied with quality hardware)
  • Includes GrimmSpeed 3" 2x Thick Gasket
    (For a PERFECT seal!)

CNC machined from mild steel and zinc coated for durability and longevity, this thing will outlast your car. Don't waste your time trying to get your OEM downpipe to seal without a donut gasket. In a short amount of time, they rust and corrode and will prevent you from ever getting a good seal with a typical flat gasket. Re-use your stock donut gasket along with a GrimmSpeed 2x Thick 3" Gasket (included) for a perfect seal on the first try! 

A final solution to pesky problems, it's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed.

Fitment Note: Adapter is only intended to be used for connecting an OEM Downpipe to an aftermarket Catback. We produce a different adapter for the opposite purpose.

15 Reviews

Jericho 31st Jan 2022

Leak free

Bought a Greddy RS catback and this piece is what I just needed to keep it leak free!! definitely a good investment since I’m not sure when I’ll be adding a j pipe.

Ardika 21st Jun 2021

Works as expected, easy to install

Not much else to say other than thing does its job. If you have a stock DP and are planning on replacing the catback exhaust, just buy it from here. Fast shipping!

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