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OEM Splitter choking your TMIC? We can fix that.

These have both been a long time in the making and as the popularity of GrimmSpeed intercooler offerings has skyrocketed, we've had a massive amount of demand for splitter options that maximize performance of our Top Mount Intercooler on the 04-08 FXT platform, with some users producing 600-700whp with them. These splitters are designed to seal perfectly with your GrimmSpeed TMIC, ensuring that the system works as efficiently as possible. With the dense cores that we use, forcing ambient air through the core with a properly fitting splitter is more important than ever and these splitters will allow you to do that with ease.

For FXT and STI owners that are currently using a GrimmSpeed TMIC, this is a must have.

Quick Specs

  • Designed in CAD - Perfect mating with GrimmSpeed TMIC
  • Laser Cut 5052 Aluminum Construction - Durable and lightweight construction
  • Texture Black Powdercoat - Protects the assembly and gives a nice finished look
  • Rubber Bulb Gasket - Included with each kit for a perfect seal
  • 100% Made in the USA - Right here in Minnesota!
  • 3x Intercooler Sprayer Ports - Utilize your STI TMIC sprayer or add one if you'd like

Our cars, with even mild modification, create some serious heat. As the turbo compresses your intake air, it heats up and it’s not unusual to see air temperatures of over 400è_F entering your intercooler. For that reason, you’ve probably upgraded to a larger, more capable top mount. That intercooler uses ambient air flowing over your hood and through your scoop to cool the hot compressed air and if you’re not using a proper splitter, you’re not getting the most out of your TMIC. The GrimmSpeed line of splitters increases the size of the opening to perfectly fit your STI or GrimmSpeed TMICs, which can increase your internal core volume by as much as 200%. You’re going to need every bit of that additional ambient air to keep things cool.


Each of these splitters has been designed to make the best possible use of the air entering your scoop. We’ve opened up the bottom of the splitter to better fit your STI or GrimmSpeed TMIC and we’ve redesigned the vanes that direct air from your scoop down to your intercooler. In addition, we’ve added features for up to three intercooler water sprayers to each splitter. Each splitter was designed in CAD and tested via flow simulation prior to production. Our engineers used 3D scanned CAD data from each vehicle along with the CAD data from our TMIC development to design a splitter that fits well and evenly distributes air across the entire core. Due to the height of the hood and placement of the TMIC, the splitter on the Forester XT is quite tall. This makes it even more critical in extracting performance from your GrimmSpeed intercooler.

grimmspeed top mount intercooler tmic splitter flow analysis hood scoop

Flow simulation used in the development of GrimmSpeed TMIC Splitters. Shown here is the 04-05 STI Splitter.

You’ll also find that the GrimmSpeed splitters are very lightweight. We’ve tested some of ‘the other guys’ splitters and have found that they’ve chosen stainless steel instead of aluminum. The reason for this is likely as a band-aid, to ensure stiffness so that the splitter holds its shape. Instead of selecting a stiffer material, we’ve stiffened the design, which has allowed us to use 20 gauge 5052 aluminum and drop the weight of these splitters by 300% over the competition. Instead of welding the assemblies, we’ve opted to use rivets. These offer the same mechanical joint but without stressing the material and because of that, you don’t have to worry about breaking welds or your splitter cracking. With each splitter, we’ll be including a length of a EPDM rubber bulb gasket, which installs with ease and will hold up very well to the harsh under-hood environment.


  • 04-08 Subaru Forester XT (Stock or STI scoop, equipped with a GrimmSpeed or 04-07 STI TMIC)

Install Guide

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4 Reviews

Deeds 6th Feb 2018

A++ Expected GrimmSpeed Quality

I installed this on my 2007 Forester XT Limited and the build quality and finish is exceptional. It fits perfect as well. The previous owner had a different aftermarket splitter installed and I couldn't remove it fast enough. It was rusting out and way heavier than the GrimmSpeed splitter. I highly recommend this product to anyone running a larger TMIC and/or hood scoop. Thank you GrimmSpeed for continuing to extend your product line to these Foresters!

5/5 23rd May 2017

Exact Fitment for Forester XT 2008

Let me start by saying Grimmspeed's customer service is on point. They know heir products, the fittment and designed a high quality product for my year/make/model. The lightweight design of the splitter is stellar and matches up exceedingly well with the OEM STI intercooler. It even matches up better with the OEM STI 02-03 JDM hoodscoop. This project went without a hitch, I was in and out of the hood in under 30min and on to enjoying my new upgrade. The little design elements in this product make it phenomenal and I would highly recommend this to anyone doing a similar upgrade.

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